What Causes Skin Tags? 8 Reasons Behind Skin Tags

Skin tags can be of two types- a projected skin that is elevated than the surrounding area or a flap of tissue hanging from skin- connected via a stalk. Regardless of the size, these skin lesions appear mostly on chest, eyelids, face, neck and under-arms. Let’s find out the top reasons causing them-


Aging is no doubt the number one reason for skin tags. As we age, the collagen development slows down its pace because of poor hormonal growth. In return, the skin turns lax and skin-to-skin rubbing becomes frequent. Skim tags are more visible on people beyond 50.

Often times, skin tags among young, healthy adults are deemed harmless. However, for old people, that is different ballgame altogether.   The benign skin projection can be the start of a tumor- due to failing immunity. Medical intervention is highly recommended, if such is the case with you.


It’s rare to find an obese person who doesn’t have skin lesions on any part of his/her body. But why does it happen? Well, there are multiple reasons. As stated in the above point, skin friction leads to skin tags. Obese persons have flappy thighs and breasts. When the loose skins rub off against each other, it can lead to eruption of skin-growth on various spots.

Secondly, when you are obese, the body stores more adipose tissue. This eventually leads to- hormonal fluctuation in the body, slow metabolism and increased rate of blood sugar. The diabetes will cause insulin resistance syndrome in your blood stream which in turn, feeds to skin tags. This is a complex process and in order to know about it in details, research thoroughly.


It’s understandable that during pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through sea of changes. Her belly expansion, weight pile-up, and hormonal fluctuation become parts of everyday life. The big tummy (and the overall pounds gain when you are carrying a baby inside) can cause friction between loose skins around the stomach area quite often. Likewise, the hormone imbalance may destabilize the collagen development of a pregnant woman’s skin.

All of these can lead to eruption of skin tags, close to your abdomen. A woman, who has never experienced skin lesions in her life in the past, may encounter them during pregnancy. On the other hand if you already have had skin tags, then during pre-natal stage, the number of lesions may multiply.


For type-2 diabetes, skin tags on underarms and groin area is a usual sight. When you are suffering from Type-2 diabetes, insulin resistance syndrome takes place in the bloodstream. It can be triggered off by various reasons- from fat abs to high blood pressure and so on. For that, your body witnesses hormonal fluctuations and glucose level. These in turn, lead to skin projections on various parts of your body. Be that as it may, the mechanism-behind is still unknown to the medical researchers.

Skin tags due to diabetes- can be of various shapes and sizes. It can hang from your skin or just remains elevated slightly -from the surrounding area. Its color may range from- darker to that of flesh. In such a case, don’t go for laser therapy or needle remedy on your own. Talk to your physician first.

HPV-6 And 11

This quite a debatable issue in the medical circuit. While the popular belief is that- skin tags can be caused by STDs such Human Papillomavirus Infection, medical fraternity is still in doubt. Are they warts or skin tags? While appearance of warts in the groin area is 70% common in HPV, skin tags might or might not appear.

Sometimes, a decade gets passed between contacting by HPV and waking up to its symptoms. In case you have projected skins on your genitalia for a long period of time, don’t go for simple home remedies or OTC solutions. Rush to the doctor at once.

Chron’s Disease

Chron’s Disease takes place when your bowel is suffering from inflammation, which starts from mouth and ends in digestive tract (that can be stretched to anus). Do you know that 30% of Chron’s Disease patients grow skin tags on anus as well? When you are hit by Chron’s Disease, you shall experience sudden weight loss, stomach pain, diarrhea and skin tags on anus region.

While flaps of skin hanging from groin area is a common sight, benign skin growth in the rectum – is mostly associated with Chron’s Disease. Here, the skin lesions will be of two kinds- the large, swollen types that are painful; the small, soft ones- that won’t cause you any pain painless but remain irritating nevertheless.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) occurs when the production of “male hormone” or androgens in a female body surpasses that of estrogen and progesterone. PCOS comes with plethora of syndromes. Among them, menstruation cycle disruption, sudden obesity, infertility and skin problems are pretty common. Skin tags belong to the last category.

So when you are having sudden eruption of skin-flaps everywhere on your body including the groin area, and your weight has shot up simultaneously, do consult to your gynecologist for further treatment. Skin tags (because of PCOS) can’t be removed with simple home-made tricks or homeopathic solutions.

Brit-Hogg-Dube Syndrome

If you notice flaps of skin from your kid’s neck, armpit or groin area, then look closer. Are they wart or tags? If they are wart, then there are 101 methods to remove them by home remedies, or going for mild homeopathic solutions. In case they are tags, then take them seriously.

Brit-Hogg-Dube Syndrome is what when skin tags appear on various parts of a kid’s body-because of hereditary or genetics reasons.  If they remain untreated for long- these skin lesions can trigger off kidney cancer or severe lung failure.   

According to medical science, skin tags are harmless and benign on a healthy adult. Be that as it may, anything out-of-control must be kept in check. Too many of skin lesions all over the body is not a good sign at all. Visit your doctor and start treatment quickly, if it happens to you.