Complete Review Of DermaBellix: All You Wanted To Know

Last year, when I switched over company, the new job left me breathless. I was leading a topsy-turvy life where one had to live off on takeaway foods and moving as little as possible. Like a snow-ball effect, one thing led to another and I was left with tons of weight. That not only slowed down my activity but also brought up tags and moles on my under-arms and necks.  Thankfully, with my best friend’s recommendation, I came to know about DermaBellix- the top of the line tag removal serum in the market right now.

Initially, I was skeptical about DermaBellix. By then, I had already used couple of chemical products to remove skin tags, but in vain. Still reluctantly, I gave it a try. And that was the best thing I did to my body in the last 1 year. Applying DermaBellix not only eliminated the lesions but also revved up the vitality of my skin.

Let’s find out the components that have made DermaBellix such an irresistible tags/moles removal serum –

About DermaBellix


The makers of DermaBellix have revived the ancient, time-tested method of tag removal. You won’t find it in any other OTC tag removal creams, which are a-dime-a-dozen in the market. DermaBellix uses only natural resources and ensures that the, healing and medicinal properties of them don’t get ruined in the process of manufacturing. There is a reason for which the world is leaning more towards organic, eco-friendly skin treatment products. DermaBellix is one of them.

Also gives its price, quantity and quality, DermaBellix can be the ideal product, even if you do a cost-benefit analysis on your own.

There are surgeries and needles therapy for operating skin tags. Be that as it may, tag removal surgery is not insured, so you have to cough up a hefty sum from your own pocket. Secondly, not all of us can go under the knife gladly. The mere mention of surgery may run a shiver down the spine for many. With DermaBellix, such users will find a safe and non-surgical answer, which will make their skin blemish-free and flawless at the same time. This is another reason for which it’s better to use DermaBellix than any other artificial serum.


Unfortunately, the official website of DermaBellix doesn’t mention clearly about the ingredients. I have read in some reviews that DermaBellix has- purifying agents, anti-oxidants and peppermint oil among other.  I would go one step further and declare (by doing my own research and asking around online), that it has a blend of number of natural oils in it.

The soothing whiff of organic pine oil that I had experienced during application process- is the proof of that. Rest assured that no chemicals, fillers are used in DermaBellix. Rather, this is a unique formula that thousands of users around the world can avail of, in order to treat their skin lesions, without the fear of adverse skin reactions and toxicity.

The cutting-edge technology used in manufacturing DermaBellix has ensured that the natural compositions of the oils remain- intact.

How It Works?

There is no complex how-to guide behind the mechanism of DermaBellix. The manual is pretty easy, so that even a layman can understand- how this serum works on removing warts, tags and moles from your body. The deep-penetrating formula of DermaBellix works like a charm on eliminating skin lesions. Once you apply the fluid on your skin-tag, the serum would go deeper and start weakening the root of the tag.

Now the root of a skin tag is known as melanocyte. With the strong formula of DermaBellix, melanocyte starts loosening up. On the other hand, the outside surface of the skin gets hardened. Eventually, the tag falls off automatically- without causing any pain.

My Personal Experience

My under-arms tags had always been my pet peeves. Because of them, I had never tried sleeve-less tops or swim-suit ever, and always had to cover up my arms. With DermaBellix, my experience is nothing short of amazing. In the beginning, I was apprehensive about whether it will work or not but within a single day, my view changed and how!

I applied the solution before hitting the bed one night and in the morning, found that the three tiny tags under my arms have gone completely! There was no scab, redness or itchiness. Now I can flaunt any top I want- sleeveless, one-shoulder or halter neck.

As I stated above, depending upon the size of the tags, the solution will take time to remove them completely. My underarms tags were miniscule, so 8 hours were enough for them to fall off. But I had grown some ugly and bigger-in-size moles on my neck- over the years. I had always thought about getting them surgically removed but always took two steps backwards, because of the cost.

In the second round, I applied DermaBellix on my neck moles and I already knew that, these lesions wouldn’t go away so easily. When they were still there even after 8 hours, I didn’t give up hope and continued to applying the solution for next 3 days consecutively and voila! On the 4th day itself, the stubborn moles fell off and I got my blemish-free neck of the past- back. The credit goes to DermaBellix.

Is It Legit Or Scam?

The ingredients used in DermaBellix are clinically tested. It has been proved that with this serum, up to 85% of moles can be removed off the user’s body. Likewise, the positive reviews , the various online forums dedicated to DermaBellix users prove only one thing- this is the product that has touched thousands of lives across the country. This certainly indicates to a certain fact that- DermaBellix is a real product with solid, positive outcomes.

The Words Of Caution

There is no side-effect in DermaBellix as it is free from harmful chemical substances and fillers, which can be found in artificial tag removers. But do keep it in mind that, in case you are pregnant or a lactating mother, then DermaBellix is not for you. Ask your physician first about- whether you can use it or not.

 On the other hand, it’s strictly mentioned in the product information page that- one must apply DermaBellix on moles if he/she is under 18. So this is another caution to keep in mind if you want your child to stay away from the possible side-effects of DermaBellix.

Additionally, always keep the bottle in cool and dry place for future use. Otherwise, humidity can have adverse effects on the composition- thus ruining it for good.


There are multiple advantages for which one should purchase DermaBellix. First of all, this is a non-synthetic product. It means- your skin will not be in touch of any chemical compound or artificial fluid when you are applying DermaBellix on tags. In return, there would be zero aggravating reactions on skin.

Getting a cosmetic surgery done to remove the tags from your skin can be an expensive option, which can’t be afforded by many. The home remedies like- cutting the tags or burning them is deemed dangerous. DermaBellix offers the cheapest and safest way of removing tags, when you won’t feel the pain; neither does have to avail of any cosmetic procedure. This is a painless and secure process.

DermaBellix works on every type of skin. Does your college-going daughter have tags due to obesity? Then you can use DermaBellix on her skin for best result. In similar fashion, your octogenarian mother too, can develop tags for aging and dry skin. DermaBellix is the best option for her as well.

Another USP of DermaBellix is that- it takes very short time to show you the results. Once you have applied the solution on your tags, within 6-8 hours, the lesions will dry up and fall off from the skin.


The biggest con about DermaBellix is- it is not sold via online. This is not easily available in various drug stores as an OTC product. Also, right now DermaBellix is only available to the consumers of USA. In the event you are outside of the country or from faraway Asia, you have to burn few bridges to lay your hands upon the product.

Another con about DermaBellix might be- this takes up to 8 hours to come up with the result. Suppose, you have a party in late evening and in that case, you have to leave all works aside and put on DermaBellix on your lesions since morning, in order to make your skin look flawless at the event. For those who want quick and instant outcome, DermaBellix can test on your patience.

Why You Should Buy It?

There are many reasons for which, one should go for buying DermaBellix. Let’s discuss them one-by-one. First of all, the natural substances that are used in DermaBellix- should motivate you enough to go for it. In an increasingly competitive market that has an onslaught of artificial skin-treatment products, a serum like DermaBellix that only uses organic resources only, should be counted as an exceptional case.

The anti-oxidants present in the serum, not only make your skin healing- up faster but also destroys the free-radicals. If you have moles on various parts of your face, then using DermaBellix will make your moles gone- thus leaving your skin younger and taut, all because of anti-oxidants.

The product is likewise an economic buy. It comes with sufficient quantity that would last you for many months, unless you are head-to-toe covered with tags.

Whether its surgery or using any other chemical product on skin to remove lesions, the outcome will always leave itchiness or redness on the skin-spot. These can take 6 months-1 year to fade out, depending on the size of the tags.

With DermaBellix, you can put your apprehension into rest. This is a completely safe serum, with no scab, itching or reddish skin that will trail behind. DermaBellix is all about weeding out lesions as painlessly as possible.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy It?

Well, I have thought for few moments and raked up my brain to find an answer to this question. Well, here is one answer.  The ingredients used in DermaBellix are not displayed- as per their percentages, on the label. In case you are too finicky to know- which component is used in what quantity in this skin-tag removal serum, you might not prefer DermaBellix in that case.

 As for me, I was very happy to know that DermaBellix flaunts clinically-tested and organic products in it and it delivers what it promises. And that faith in this item rewarded me manifold.

Tags can grow, in the event you are obese. While applying DermaBellix on them would remove the lesions completely, you have to make sure that in future, these tags won’t show up anymore. Going for a hormone check-up, exercising, eating right and leaving a clean lifestyle are also mandatory to get a spotless skin. In case you don’t want to put up that extra effort, then you shouldn’t buy DermaBellix.

Consuming alcohol and smoking can also aggravate your skin. What I am trying to imply here is that- a serum alone can’t root out the tags for good. You have to take some useful measures on your own as well. Quitting or cutting back on smoking and boozing will keep a watch on your skin, along with any potent tag removal fluid.

Best Way To Use It

It’s pretty easy to use DermaBellix on skin. First make sure that the body parts, where the skin flaps are present, should be in a complete dry state. You can use your index finger or a cotton bud to apply the solution on the lesions. Do it gently, so that, there is no poke or pressure on the affected part, or you might be bleeding.

Once you put the fluid on the tags, give the solution 6-8 hours to get totally absorbed. Be that as it may, do remember that some skin growths are bigger in size than others. They are stubborn by nature too. For them, 6-8 hours might not be an enough time-span to drop-off. So keep the patience level high.

In my case, I had put up a Band-Aid on the tags for 8 hours, to protect the area from dirt and dust. If you want, you can also go for adhesive bandage. This works like wonders! Likewise, take a sterilized spatula and pat the lesions delicately- once you have used the cotton bud to apply the solution. The spatula would speed up the absorption process.

 If you don’t have the emergency to put on DermaBellix in the morning, then the best time to do it is during night- before hitting the bed. In this way, the liquid will penetrate the skin, weaken the tag-roots and push them off throughout the night and you’ll wake up with a clear skin in the morning.


There are many frequently asked questions regarding DermaBellix and not all the reviews have mentioned them. So let’s find out some-

Is it for unisex?

Ans. This is one of the most important-yet-simple questions related to DermaBellix, which I have seen many reviewers to overlook. Yes, DermaBellix can be used by both men and women.  Just make sure that you are not under-18 while using this product.

Is DermaBellix sticky?

Ans: No, DermaBellix is an absolute non-sticky serum that will feel super lightweight against your finger or skin. This is another advantage of using DermaBellix. There won’t be any stain on bed linen, pillow cover or your dress, once you have applied it on the tags.

Does it add glow to the skin?

Ans. Yes, DermaBellix does add glow to your skin, especially on your face. The reason is simple- first of all, it starts rooting the tags out by exfoliating the skin-beneath. This exfoliation does remove the dead layer of skin along with the lesions, and brings in the blemish-free skin you have always pined for. Likewise, DermaBellix is a force behind blood-circulation. And we all know – how important it is to have healthy blood-circulation in your body, in order to get good skin.

Is There Any Special Offer?

When you buy DermaBellix from its official site, you will be presented with a free-trial pack option, which will last for 15 days. Once you place the order for it, remember that along with this offer, comes the 30-day pack as well. While you don’t have to shell out money for the free-trial pack, the latter must be paid up.

Understand this equation clearly because there are many disgruntled customers, who had thought the 30-day pack is also free and later showed grievances when they were charged for it.

In case you are a first time buyer of DermaBellix, there is an exciting offer for you from the brand itself. Right now, the company is running a discount-spree. In the event you place your order for the product as quickly as possible, you shall receive the bottle at a discounted price.

While the original cost of one bottle of DermaBellix is more than $130; at the official site itself, you will be getting it at an unbelievably slashed down cost of $69.99. Now, if this is not a golden deal, I don’t what it is.

Customer Reviews


The customers’ reviews about DermaBellix are overwhelmingly positive in nature. While the au natural elements of this serum have attracted the limelight from the majority of the users, other reviews have gushed over- how shortly DermaBellix brought in effective results. There are some users who had described-how advanced was the spread of tags and moles on their skin, before they have used DermaBellix. But after a 7-day treatment, all the lesions were gone- from head to foot.

Amidst so many positive reviews, there is only a tiny minority who had showed their displeasure about paying up for the 30-day pack, while they had placed the order for the trial pack only. I have explained it in the above point also. To avoid such fate, read the disclaimers thoroughly, before purchasing the item.

How To Purchase It?

Unfortunately, the product is only sold online-as of now. So you can’t purchase from the OTC stores. In the event any OTC stores force you to buy DermaBellix, then dodge the bullet. Because, it has to be a counterfeit product with cheaper compositions and may give to you harmful, chemical reactions.  When you visit the official site of DermaBellix, you have to fill up a form by giving out detailed information on your name and address. This is only for shipment details, so don’t fret.

The site uses a safe payment getaway ensuring that there should be no fear of getting duped of your hard-earned money. Once you place the order for DermaBellix, the item will be shipped out promptly and will be delivered at your doorstep- within 7 days. Once you get it, do check out- whether the product seal is cracked or is intact. If it is the former, then dispatch it back to the manufacturer and you will be refunded.

Final Verdict

Though tags and moles are harmless, they can make your skin look unsightly. They can be a blow on your self-esteem and may turn you self-conscious while socializing with others or wearing revealing clothes. With DermaBellix, not only you will experience speedy and painless tag removal procedure but also the inner glow of your skin shall come out. And that too, in a pocket-friendly manner.

That’s why, there is no point to delay when you are still dilly-dallying your mind over- whether to go for this serum or not. Just log in to the official site, place for the order and get delivered at your doorway for free.

In this advanced age of skin care treatment, there is no excuse for which you should keep moles and tags intact and feel miserable inside. If you don’t have the money for a cosmetic surgery, don’t fret. With DermaBellix, you will receive the same result without taxing the wallet. Do give it a shot today.