How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags Effectively And Fast?

Skin tags are benign skin growths that can appear anywhere- underarms, eyelids, neck or anus. There are lots of methods available in the market that can speed up the process of elimination of tags. However, first check out with your doctor- whether the tags you have are malignant or not.

Now, let’s discuss the widely-used solutions for skin-projections removal


DermaBellix is the market-pioneer in skin tag removal. Made out of essential oils and antioxidants, DermaBellix serum is a potent fluid, which can eliminate your skin lesions within 8 hours maximum. Apart from its organic components, there are other beneficial traits (no side-effects, cost-effective) going on for DermaBellix, which have made it such a beneficial skin-growth cure.

Once you apply DermaBellix on the projected areas, you won’ feel any irritation or redness there. Many cheap skin tag removal creams leave scar marks for weeks, even when the lesions fall off. Not with DermaBellix. This is totally free-of-sensations and makes skin look flawless.

DermaTag Skin Tag Removal Kit

DermaTag Skin Tag Removal Kit comes with an emery board, plasters, cotton buds, the plastic bottle- filled with the solution and an in-built pad applicator – attached with the container.  First, clean up the affected area with the cotton bud, mild soap and warm water. Afar that, exfoliate the tag delicately – with the emery board.

This process will make lesions soft and easily removable. Now apply the solution- either with the help of pad applicator or plaster. In the latter case, leave the fluid out there for whole night. Just cover the area up with a Band-Aid. Repeat this process everyday till the tags falls off.

Radha Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree Essential Oil is celebrated for is anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Radha tea tree oil is ideal to weed out skin tags- in a painless way. However, do remember one thing- this oil is really strong and if not applied carefully, may burn off other areas of skin.  This is advisable to apply tea tree oil on skin, after you mix it up with carrier oil such as – virgin coconut oil.

Take a cotton ball, and wet it with few drops of this mixture. Before that, wash off the affected area with mild-soap and lukewarm water. Then apply this concoction on it and cover it up with a bandage. Leave it there for 1-2 hours before splashing off the area with water. Do it twice a day, giving few hours of gap in-between.

PeelPros 50% TCA Trichloroacetic Acid

PeelPros 50% TCA Genial Wart Skin Tag Mole Remover is one of the strongest solutions out there to treat your skin-growths. Trichloroacetic Acid is a chemical compound that has tones of power to eliminate a mole, wart or tags from your- sensitive genitalia as well as rectum area.

In general, TCA is a very strong fluid which might ruin your skin cells, if you don’ apply this with care and in its diluted form. PeelPros has taken the low-concentration of this acid (only 50%), so that it becomes safe to utilize on anus or genital area- without repercussion.

 Beware, once you apply TCA on the skin-growths, this may sting first.  Apply it once a day for 4 days at a stretch, take a break for 1 day, and again repeat the cycle. Do it till the lesions fall off.

DermaNutrients All Natural Skin Tag Removing & Treatment Stick

If it ever comes of convenience in terms of skin tag removal, this product should take the first prize. An amalgamation of thuja occidentalis, beeswax, cedar leaf oil among other components, this is a potent blend of homeopathy with essential oils. Simply cleanup your skin-growths and rub the sick like a chap stick on your tag – twice a day.

It will definitely fall off your skin automatically. This product comes with a neat, easy-to-carry package and doesn’t’ burn a hole in wallet. However, you have to bear with a strong scent that comes with DermaNutrients All Natural Skin Tag Removing & Treatment Stick.

Other Methods

Apart from the above methods, here are other ways to remove skin tags from your body. The first would be- freezing off tags. Here, the base of the mole would be cut off from oxygen as well as blood-circulation supply. Eventually, this mole would dry-up, becomes white and drop off. There are many top quality skin tag freezing kits available in the market right at this moment.

Be that as it may, in case you are going for the freezing technique to remove skin tags, keep some precautions in mind. Tag freezing is allowed, only when the base of the mole is around 3mm or less than that- in terms of size. Additionally, the color of the mole has to have similar with that of surrounding skin and it has to be soft-in- touch.

Besides freezing, you can also avail yourself of laser treatment for tag removal. It takes only 20 minutes or so, to make the lesions disappear with laser. All the moles can be removed in a single sitting and recovery can take place within 3-5 days.

Dr. Scholl’s Skin Tag Remover 8 Count

Dr. Scholl’s Skin Tag Remover offers you the best freezing kit in the market, which includes- a pressurized can, 8 disposable soft tip appliers and one reusable activator.  The derma-freeze technology, over which this product is based, makes the skin tags go dry-up first in its roots, change their color towards white, and push them off gently.

This is one of the leas-hazardous ways to remove skin lesions non-surgically. Each container comes with 8 treatments, so that you can remove maximum 8 moles from your body, with a single packet. Given its price, this is certainly a killer deal.

Skin tags are not harmful but they can be demeaning for your self-confidence. The above tips take into account many remedies that can help you to get rid of these skin-projections.

Depending upon your budget, time and convenience, pick up the one. Just remember, apart from the surgical procedures, other methods take time to succeed.