Where Do Skin Tags Appear And How To Remove Them? 

Skin tags (also known as acrochordon, polyp fibro, and fibroid mollusk in medical language) are small flaps of skin that suspend from various parts of body. They are not painful, however, can mar one’s appearance. This is easy to get mixed-up among moles, warts and tags.

Below, let’s find out the specifications of skin tags and their remedies-

What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are benign skin-growths that can develop on our bodies- due to no reason at all (or for a small cluster of reasons). A skin tag look like tiny balloon hanging from skin- attached with a slim stalk. There are other tags that resemble soft pinheads. Most of the tags have similar color that of the skin. There is diversity in sizes as well. The standard size of a skin lesion would be- 2mm-5mm in diameter. On some patients, tags develop real fast and have 1 cm-to 5 cm diameter as well.

There is a misconception that skin tags are signals of tumors. Though one can’t rule out this idea totally, this is still an extremely rare case. Tags that grow gradually and become more balloon-like, change color, and release blood or puss- might be malignant in nature. In the event you have such spate of lesions on your body, you should consult to your doctor on immediate basis.

Many people think that removing skin tags can speed up its growth and level of malignancy. In reality, the development of lesions depends upon person-to-person. When you root out a lesion from your under-arm, it’s for sure that, it will not re-develop from there. Nonetheless, new skin lesions can again grow from the same spot within few months.

Where Skin Tags Are Mostly Found?

There is no particular area where skin-growths might occur. It can appear anywhere. However, armpits, groin, anus, eyelids and necks are most common regions that are prone to develop skin lesions. There is a common misconception that- babies don’t suffer from skin lesions, but this is not true.

The toddlers, who are plump, might develop skin-growths on neck-sides. Younger children sometimes rub their eyes with soiled hands – thus triggering off skin tags on upper eyelids. Children during puberty, suddenly pile up pounds, which eventually lead to skin-to-skin friction in under-arms or buttock region.

Though skin-tags never discriminate between genders-do know that women end up having more skin tags than men, as age progresses. For women, skin tags especially appear in the folds of breasts or buttock.


As said above, skin tags are benign in nature and won’t cause harm in most of the cases. Be that as it may, having your arms, neck tor eyelids covered with skin tags might be a blow to your self-confidence. On the other hand, in case your skin tags are in such parts (anus, genital) where repeated rubbing and friction is common, then the tags might cause irritation and red-ness.

 Removing skin-tags is also a painless procedure, depending upon which method you are seeking after. The surgical remedies such as- laser or burning off will leave a scab and red-marks- both of which will disappear eventually.

Sometimes, skin tags fall off on their own- without receiving an external push. Other times, they are snagged by shirt buttons, hook of belt, friction from seat-belt or a jab from a sharp angle of a piece of jewelry – among others. You might feel slight discomfort then and the blood will flow in small amount. But at the end, blood flow will stop completely.

Skin tags are also associated with middle-age and sagging of skin. For old people, skin tags might occur due to- less collagen production on skin or loose skin-to-skin friction. Malignant tumors from skin tags are most common among the section of above-60 age group.



So far, not many scientific studies have been specified clearly about- why skin tags appear on skin. However, it can be assumed that, Obesity is the number one reason for skin tags to form. When you become obese, the skin becomes loose and flabby. When a flap of skin rubs off against another, then it triggers off eruption of skin-projections.

Additionally, type 2 diabetes is another factor behind skin-projections. Generally, obesity is related with diabetes most of the times, so that can be a ground for skin tags to appear on overweight people.

On the other hand, aging has a profound effect ton these benign skin growths- on your body. Do you know that, more than 59% people over the age of 70 have the critical problem of skin lesions? This is also true for pregnant women. During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes a sea of hormonal fluctuations- thus leading to eruption of skin tags.

Also, the swollen abdomen causes skin-to-skin friction- causing an aggravation of the condition for skin lesions around belly. PCOS is another cause for skin tags to appear. PCOS makes women infertile, jeopardizes their period cycles and forces them to put on pounds.  Again this vicious cycle leads to tag growth on body.                   

In the above points, we have discussed various causes, locations and symptoms of skin tags. Now, let’s discuss the plethora remedies that will help one, in removing them-

Skin Tags Removal Techniques

 Medical Treatment

There are certain medical practices to remove skin tags. Laser treatment is number-one among them- in terms of popularity. Though laser therapy can be expensive, it can be time-saving as well. If you have 8-10 skin tags on our skin, then via laser, those can be erased- in a single sitting. Even 20 minues-30 minutes is enough for operation.

Apart from lasik, there is freezing of skin tags. Freezing off skin moles/tags/wars for their removal- is known as Crytotherapy. There, mild nitrogen liquid solution is applied on the tag via a syringe. You might feel a stinging sensation throughout, but there will not be a blood. The lesions will fall off within 1-2 weeks, but first, those will change color.

Another popular medical remedy for skin tag removal is- cauterization. This is a relatively new technology of lesion removal, which is picked up by the consumers’ world-over. Here, the layer of the skin where the skin lesions are present – would be burnt off by supplying electric current via a wire. 

This is quite a painless procedure where there would be- only a scab remaining on the place of the lesion. This will fade out within few weeks.

Home Remedies

When you are looking for home remedies, there are multiple items that can be found in the kitchen and have an amazing effect on removing skin tags. Do you know that, vegetables like onion and ginger, can help in eliminating skin-growths? However, you have to extract juice from them, dab a cotton ball in to the liquid and apply on the affected areas, for that.

 Epsom Salt is another component that can be used – either in bath tub or bucket full of warm water. Now soak body into this water for 30 minutes every day till the time the lesions fall off. While using home remedies, do keep in mind that, certain remedies are not suitable for sensitive body parts. For an example- Apple Cider Vinegar is counted among the top tag removal products in the kitchen.

But due to its acidic property, one should not use vinegar in anus region or near eyes- to remove tags and moles. A fruit like Pineapple also has the capacity in removing the ugly moles and skin-projections from the body.

OTC   Products

Right now, the market is flooded with over-the-counter skin tag removal creams, serums and kits. If you are disappointed with the delayed results of home remedies and find visiting a dermatologist is a costly affair, then pick up a top- quality skin lesions removal item, for yourself. Before that, make sure whether you’d like to apply serum on skin or go for the kit.

The top of line skin tag removal creams mostly contain- natural toils as well as herbal extracts. There are few chemical compounds such as – TCA, which is present in some of the more-expensive skin-projections treatments. However, keep in mind – TCA is an extremely powerful compound, which can burn off the skin, if applied carelessly. So make sure the TCA you buy, must hold concentration limit within 50%-80%.

There are also homeopath based produces where- Thuja Occidentalis is the main ingredient. Before selecting a skin tag removal cream/serum for yourself, it’s always advisable to do a patch test in order to check out- whether you have an allergy with certain component.

When a product is not available in stores and you have to purchase online, then ask the customer support or go through the reviews to see for yourself, whether there is another user who has complained about allergic outcome.

Alternative Remedies

There are alternative treatments for skin tag removal. First, tie off the tag with a thread or dental floss. Do this with the help of someone who has an efficient hand. While binding a string around a tag, the thread cuts off the oxygen as well as blood-supply for the lesion. Eventually it would dry up and fall off.

While doing so, make sure that you have tied up the thread tightly. Keep a tab on it on daily basis. Once it remains tied for 5-6 days, in all probability, the growth will disappear from skin.  In the market as well, find some top quality bands that can be tied around moles. They tend to come off sterilized, so there would be threat of infection as such.

Cuing off the skin tag is another method, though you have to do it with a sterilized scalpel. There too, ensure that you request a friend or acquaintance to lend a hand.

Essential Oils

For many, treating skin tags with essential toil is the best remedy. Among the essential oils that are celebrated for curing skin tags, oregano oil should come first. It has phenolic acid, which is known for its antibacterial property. Oregano oil is believed to have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic components in it as well.

Whenever you are applying oregano oil on lesions, make sure to dilute it through mixing with carrier oil. Virgin coconut oil is the best carrier oil that goes with oregano oil. Another popular essential oil for skin tags is tea tree oil. Mix it with water in 2:1 proportion and apply with a cotton ball on the lesions. The property of tea tree essential toil would dry up the water present in tags- thus causing their ultimate fall.

Mixing castor toil with baking soda and applying the paste on lesions- is another way of using an essential oil for stopping skin-growths.

Associated Care

Though how the skin tags originate is largely unknown, sill there are some associated care you can take up, in order to avoid the lesions in future. First of all, obese people tend to develop skin tags more than non-obese tones. In the event you gain pounds quickly, do check your diet. Is it full of junk foods and colas? Then this is the time to give it a complete overhaul. Also, include physical activities in regular routine.

On the other hand, sometimes, obesity occurs due to hormonal imbalance (PCOS). For that, visit doctor and ask for a hormone check-up- before restoring to skin tags removal methods.  Sometimes, using harsh chemical-laden cosmetics on your skin might provoke the eruption of lesions as well. Go for paraben-free make-up and body-care items for everyday use.

When skin tags appear, never cut them off or burn them off on your own. If the procedure is not followed minutely or in case, you don’t have the required experience in performing it alone, the result can be- bloody.

The above points give you an idea about the causes, symptoms and remedies of skin tags. In case you develop those flaps of skin, do not get panicked. There are tons of help available out there, to get you rid of these lesions. Separate the junk remedy from the actual one, and you would get the result.